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                                                                                  A fantastic and emotional year has passed as this was the last editition of the Challenge

                                                                                  part with Silver and Johan as the last team to take the trophy in a

                                                                                  series of competitions that are all connected. After 10 editions and 11 years it was time

                                                                                  for a change and to take the KMARCh to a new level. If there is one goal that KMARCh

                                                                                  hasn't reached in all those years, and we have to be honest about it, is that people didn't

                                                                                  start to travel more and more. With the abundance of competitions available around the

                                                                                  church tower, it's also very unlikely to happen in the future. Also, with the KMARCh

                                                                                  becoming more and more widespread, it's impossible to expect people from Germany,

                                                                                  Italy, Belgium, Holland, etc... to travel to Israel, Turkey, etc... and vice versa.

Missing that target and the huge amount of administration there is behind any series, made us decide to make every KMARCh a stand-alone-event. So no more golden tickets, but still the same name and the same motivation to bring Fun, Friendship and Flying discs for every pup and owner. However, addapted to the modern times. It's obviously still our intention to see as many nationalities represented at any of the events, and in no way is an event exclusive for one country to be attended to. Everyone will always be welcome to join the fun at any of the locations!!! 

So what is the deal with these stand-alone-events... 

Every events is a competition on its own. With the games you know (that will continue to change every year, or have additions) and the same spirit of judging and competing and our world famous awards, but except of all individuals culminating in one "finals" weekend, there will be a special memorial weekend where the highest honor, the name of the trophy will be up for grabs. Which one it will be, shall be announced later this year... at it may be a very big surprise... 

On each of the events, you will find a selection of a certain number of games made available at the General Guidelines page. There are 10 to choose from, so more then enough to have a full weekend of good times with their best friends. Games can vary from host to host and sometimes from country to country depending on the interest of most of the people that want to play. So no more obligatory games, we thought KMARCh should become more free and less obligatory... One of the reasons as well to change from the series as not every country has the same preferences. 

In 2019, we will welcome 3 new dogs in our "Paw-Stars" Bark of Fame with Xxxxx (owned by T... S...) , Xxxxxxx (owned by S... T...) and Xxxx (owned by C... E...). If you want to find out who's behind the X's, join the fun at the KMARCh in Belgium where they will receive their special souvenir and will be introduced in the Bark of Fame.

Continuing to create an event for people that are new in the sports, or seasoned handlers looking for a less competitive surroundings, KMARCh will

remain the place where they can meet up in a relaxed environment. The big picture lies behind the slogan for the competition,

Fun, Friendship and Flying Discs.

We are already looking forward to seeing a lot of you again and welcome a lot of new teams!

We also want to thank the hosts from the past, as well as the future for all the time and effort you (and your crew) are about to invest in this event. We both (Mike and Sven) are seasoned competition hosts and we both are very aware of the amount of preparation that goes into running any event. Feel free to browse around and find out more about the games, the dates and the places where the fun, friendship and flying discs can be found.

If you would like to know what it takes to host an event, CLICK HERE or HERE and find out.

We wish you a lot of fun in this new season and hope to see you soon!!! 

Mike and Sven (Founders KMARCh, Established in 2008)

Who was Kathy Miller? 

Well, actually it’s not that hard to figure out she was Mike Miller’s partner. Together, they have been involved in dogfrisbee from the year 1979 and since she has gone to a better place, Mike continues her lifelong dream of promoting the sport.

For decades they have been organizing competitions in all formats, judging, assisting upcoming players, helping foreign players on the Worlds …

On top of that, she has played on a high level with their dogs Black Night, Pro, Pristine, Ruckus and his sons RT and Big Boy. All of which are Belgian Shepperds, Malinois, Tervuren as well as a cross between them. Although they might have never been World Champions, we can state they are one of the cornerstones of this marvelous sport. That’s why they really deserve to have the Challenge named after them.

The KMARCh story all started in 2008 when we (Sven and  Katrien) had the honor and pleasure to meet them and be hosted by them at the Skyhoundz Worlds. We really enjoyed their Pairs routine on the qualifier and were stunned by their performance. After the competition, we sat outside of their trailer to have a last chat before coming home again. That’s when the KMARCh was born.

Back in 2008 we held the first edition . An event over 3 days on the same location. We had a lot of fun and a lot of new faces attended. Kathy and Mike followed from accross the ocean.

The next edition was already a full grown fun event over 4 days in 4 different countries. Together with the support of the hosting clubs the entire Trophy was a big success. We were very proud to get Mike Miller to judge the 2 final days of the Trophy.

Also after Kathy had to give up the fight against her disease, Mike continued the tradition of taking care of all foreigners competing in the Worlds. Whether your country of origin, no matter the nationality, everyone can count on him for a tent and a filled cooler.

Therefore, the Kathy Miller and Ruckus Challenge, is our show of respect for this fantastic couple and their faithful companions.

In 2015, at the Belgian Leg of the 7th Edition, the last piece of the puzzle was completed. Mike made sure that Kathy would always be able to join the teams that compete in the Belgian Leg. And as intense and hard as it was, the memory of this moment is edged in my mind and will always have a prominent place on Memory Lane.

Another similar moment was there in 2017, when Ruckus joined Kathy at the same park in another emotional ceremony.

In conclusion we would like to commemorate Kahty with the email she sent for the First Edition of what became this tradition.

“From Kathy Miller and Ruckus:

I just wanted to say a Heart Felt Thank You to all of you attending.

I'm most honored that you are all here to take part over these three weekend contests, and very much hope You and

Your Pup's have lots of fun, and camaraderie. I'll be following it closely. Good luck to you all.......

Kathy, Ruckus and Mike”

In loving memory of Kathy Anita Smith Miller, May 12th 1947 – Jan 3rd 2009