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Another exciting Edition has passed and we all look back on a very successful and pleasant experience. In 2015, we had about 350 teams (all leagues) that had a good time with their best friend and so we are back with the 8th edition of a series of contests where fun, friendship and flying discs are the center focal point. We will be absolutely thrilled to welcome you when you take part in one or more of our events where dogs and people come to have a relaxing day.


Congratulations are in order to: Koy & Marco Coltro for their performance in the 2015 Series. They managed to win the solo-league and the Duo League together with the third member of the team Alessia Vettorello (Abiare Stanca, Italy).

Almost all the rules and games have changed as opposed to last year and things were thoroughly updated, you could speak of a complete make over. So be sure to read through the website if you don’t want any surprises!


Especially created to give people that are new in the sports a less competitive surroundings to get an idea on what disc dogging has to offer. It has become a yearly event where they can meet up with more experienced players in a relaxed environment. The big picture lies behind the slogan for the competition, Fun, Friendship and Flying Discs.


One of the characteristics of the KMARCh is that we have a lot of changes from year to year. Also last year we have learned a few things and these will reflect in the pages that follow!


We have tried to make it even more fun for pups and handlers and make it a little more transparent and easier to everyone (judges not included). It will still be a unique and interesting combination of new challenges and known games, I promise. The “Guidelines” page and brand new “Games Rules and Scoring” page will offer you an insight in what has changed.


The series will visit multiple countries again in 2016 and we are proud and happy there will be plenty of opportunities for you to participate in the spirit of the KMARCh. If you are interested in hosting one of the Legs, or the Finals, please let us know by email after a visit to the new host page. New countries are still discovering our fantastic sport and the fun the KMARCh brings.


We hope to see a lot of you back next year and welcome a lot of new teams! Another change in the scoring for the Challenge, is that people who make the effort to visit legs of KMARCh, which are not played in their own country, will be rewarded for their efforts even more than in the past. So show some adventure and get yourself and your buddy on the road!


We want to thank our hosts in advance for all the time and effort you (and your crew) are about to invest in this event. We both are seasoned competition hosts and we both are very aware of the amount of preparation that goes into running any event. Feel free to browse around and visit our hosts as well. Without these people, the growth of the concept wouldn’t have been possible and we are very grateful for their effort and dedication!


We wish you a lot of fun in this new Challenge!


See you soon!!!


Mike and Sven (Founders KMARCh, Established in 2008)


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