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KMARCh 11th Edition - Overall Ranking

2019 Lifou and Jan Haenegrifs

11th Edition 2019

April 20-21, 2019                         Ankara                                                      Turkey                RESULTS

Dog-Y-O Drift, Bottleneck, Caged, Wheel of Fortune and ShortStyle (1 round each day)

April 24, 2019                             Tel Aviv                                                      Israel                  RESULTS

Dog-Y-O Drift, Bottleneck, ShortStyle and Freestyle

May 11-12, 2019                          Beselich                                                    Germany            RESULTS

Dog-Y-O-Drift, Bottleneck, Sit 'n Stay, Freestyle, Wheel of Fortune, ShortStyle, Caged, Hop Scotch

July 27, 2019                               La Ferté-Hauterive, Eden Stadium         France                RESULTS

Sit 'n Stay, Freestyle, Bottleneck, The Course

August 9-12, 2019                       Herk-de-Stad                                            Belgium              RESULTS

Dog-Y-O-Drift, Bottleneck, Freestyle (SAT 10/8), Sit 'n Stay, Shortstyle, The Course (SUN 11/8),

Wheel of Fortune (FRI 9/8 - 19:00), Hop Scotch (MON 12/8 - 09:00)

August 18, 2019                           KD Maribor                                              Slovenia              RESULTS

Dog-Y-O-Drift, Bottleneck, Freestyle, Caged, Wheel of Fortune

Keep an eye on Facebook as all events will be announced through an event page. Have FUN!!!!

Be inspired by those who managed to have a really good time in the past years:

2008 Disney and Monique Stigter

2009 Jumper and Sven Van Driessche

2010 Phoebe and Aniko Horvath

2011 Choco and Sven Van Driessche

2012 Shenzi and Kelly Briers

2014 Set and Riccardo Gaido

2015 Koy and Marco Coltro

2016  Ikea and Judith Brinkkötter

2017 Frodo and André Bauer

2018 Silver and Johan Matthijs

And the lucky team to be added to this impressive gallery is:

2019 Lifou and Jan Haenegrifs

Congratulations to all the participants and on behalf of your dog, thank you for having fun, friendship and flying discs with me! You all won first place in the eyes of your dogs!!!