Paw Stars and Host information

Also a novelty for the KMARCh is the Paw-Stars – Bark of Fame. A page dedicated to the legends of the series. Every year one dog will receive the honor to receive this award and a special attention of the organisation.

These awards can also be awarded postuum. The Award can only be won once by a canine and there is always a special reason why this dog receives the award.

We are very proud to start this new tradition with the dog that was the inspiration for the Challenge.

2015     Ruckus          Handed over to Mike Miller

2017     Ivey                Handed over to Christine Matthies

             Storm             Handed over to Leontine Sangster

2019     Shila               Will be handed over to Thomas Sander

             Tristan (postuum) Will be handed over to Stefaan Timmermans

             Tobi                Will be handed over to Christine Eckhold

             Jumper (postuum) Handed over to Katrien De Witte

             Choco (postuum) Handed over to Sven Van Driessche

The first PAW-Stars Award, handed over at the KMARCh in Belgium 2015.

Painting oil on canvas made by Hermine Pooters.

Hosting a KMARCh

KMARCh are stand alone events, they are no longer a series of competitions culminating into a final event (so no more golden tickets...). As the emphasis should be on fun and not on competition, the word finals alone would contradict the non competitive nature of the fact the events are only about having fun with your dogs. The winner of the highest honor, the name on the plaque, will be the overal winner of the Major league of the event held in Belgium. Other events that are planning on running for more than one season are obviously free to create a similar award. A KMARCh competition has to be requested at least 8 weeks prior to the event but best as soon as you have a date and a field... 

To cover overhead costs to keep the KMARCh going on, we ask for a participation of 1.00 € per result mentioned online. All the teams that have completed the game, must be scored, but you probably were going to do that anyway, it's part of the goal in hosting a competition. 

General requirements

The field set up still fits a regular Agility field (40 M x 20 M). A flat grassy or sandy field is all you require to run this event. If, for some reason these dimentions are a problem, we can always addapt to the circumstances. We are known to be very creative.

What do you need as a host of one of these events

-Computer that runs MS Excel and printer

-Timing device (stopwatch, smart phone, …)

-Measuring device (tape measure, digital, …)

-Something to make lines with (chalk, wood chips, sand, sawdust, flower…)

-Cords and stakes to mark the field

-Cones to make the markings more clear

-Table and chairs

-PA-system and CD/USB/iThing-player

-Pens, clipboards and chairs for the judges

We expect our hosts to create a FB page and a possibility to register online from 4 weeks before the event until 1 week before the event. On this page all important information should be found by competitors.

The staff needed to run a KMARCh is very limited. Except for 4 judges (minimum, since they are also allowed to play - back up judges are maybe needed), we would like you to appoint a DJ, speaker, runner (retrieving scoresheets from the head judge) and 1 person for admin (registrations, processing of scores). The computer to do this, and the .xls-document needed, will be provided by the organization or the host.

Sven or Mike is invited as head judge and assist with admin as well. The other 3 judges are preferably local to keep the costs to a strict minimum. A judges briefing will be held in due times but please ask eventual candidates to already read the rules. 

All judges in the KMARCh are full volunteers and are not allowed to ask any financial compensation for their pleasure to judge the teams. However travel expenses, if made, are to be carried by the host, also they are provided with a drink and/or a meal and a place to sleep in case of a 2-day-event. They are selected by the host and in agreement with the head-judge contacted to participate in the event.


Awards in paper are what the trophies in the KMARCh is about. It’s not about the prize, it’s about the memories and the good vibes. Upon request, a template for such awards will be provided for each game and each league for the host to print out. In the past we have seen framed, wrapped, plastified paper trophies, which were all good ideas but not required.

Play of the day disc will be provided by the organization and braught along as well, for each Leg, there is 1 Play of the Day Award. This goes to a team that doesn’t get to be on the podium because something went very wrong. But they handled the situation in a special way. It’s that moment of the day that you will always remember…

Every host is free to add other awards or recognitions for the dog within their budget and possibilities. We don’t require it, but appreciation is always guaranteed. What we don’t allow is any financial compensation for any of the handlers on the podium. To be crystal clear on this subject: no cash or money prizes allowed.

Registration procedure

Registrations online are closed one week prior to the event and open 4 weeks before the event at the latest. Registration on the day of the event should be possible, but not desirable. "If we can, we will", should be the mentality. The goal of KMARCh is to discover the sport, so if someone wants to join and we can make a scoresheet, please don't object to it. There are however no discounts applied for extra registrations. 

Registration fees are free to be decided by the host at any given event. We do ask to keep it accessible to everyone who wants to share in the fun. 

Registrations for the various legs are open for all leagues. If any leaugue doesn't get to 5 registrations, a host is not obliged to do the league.

This is what we provide for it :

On site assistance prior to, during and after the competition in whatever way we can. Both head-judges have 2 hands and not afraid to use them.

Admin will be trained on the day of the KMARCh or the day prior to the event.

Template Individual Scoresheet

Template XLS-file for results

Template for awards for the games. We do not provide premade trophies for any additional games that are planned by the host.

A link to the general KMARCh page will be made by the organisation to support the event.

Detailed buiding plans with guidelines for assembly on the obstacles. If you have Sven as a head-judge, and he’s coming by car, the obstacles can be brought along. If he’s flying, it’s kind of hard to do so.

Are you ready to take the step to become a host? It's only a click                   away !!!!